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We lead the industry by developing innovative ideas and products that will take the elevator industry into a new era.


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Revo Box
Revo Drive
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KNL-72L EN 81-20 Elevator Height Photocell
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With the 21st century technology, the elevator industry has also developed rapidly and turned into machines controlled by computer-based electronic systems. As a part of this transformation and development, Konel Elektronik, which started its activities in 2009, has since its foundation 81/1 and en 81-20 elevator control cards, elevator height photocell, pmsm motor and driver cards, automatic door cards, elevator emergency communication systems and continues to develop and manufacture elevator speed control devices. The Price and Quality of our products will surely please you. We are constantly increasing our production volume and customer base of a rapidly growing company. The secret of our success is long-term partnerships with our customers. Why us?
Quality Assurance
We provide an official warranty for all electronic products supplied for 2 years from the date of installation.

As per our company policy, we offer you quality at the best price.

Necessary documents of our products prepared according to European Union standards have been obtained.

In order to increase the interaction between the products and the user, user manuals and diagrams have been prepared and are sent next to the product.

The products produced in our 6000m2 production departments under our "Konel" brand are available to our customers in more than 40 countries.
*Konel Istanbul (Sales and Service Office)
*Konel Elektronik Factory (Electronic Production Facility)
*Konel Sheet Metal Processing Center(Panel Cabinet Production Facility)
*Konel Teknokent (Technology Development Center)

We are Electronics Manufacturer.
The products we produce for elevator electronics with 3 SMT and THT production lines;
* Revo Box Integrated Elevator Control unit
* Revo Drive Elevator Speed ​​Controllers
* Elevator control cards
* Door control Motor and Cards
* Elevator height photocell
* Bidirectional communication systems
* Voice announcement cards and Battery charge card
* Ready-made elevator systems
* Elevator Panel Cabinet

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Konel Established

In 2009, KONEL R&D Automation Electronics Industry. Trade Ltd. Ltd. was established.

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